Building a Green Roof Building a Green Roof Problem: rainwater would cascade off roof to driveway entering open doors of garage 29665287 Make sure the roof is built strong 29665288 First protecting layer is felt paper 29665289 A high-quality pond liner provides protection from moisture 29665290 Carpet helps hold substrate in place and retains some moisture for plant roots during dryer times 29665291 29665292 Need to use light-weight materials like expanded slate in substrate 29665286 29665294 Sand and compost are also added in lesser amounts. 29665295 Soon after planting 29665296 Before carpet was trimmed. 29665297 Green roofs add additional habitat for wildlife 29665293 And not so wildlife! Abby checking out the roof. She climbed up the ladder 29665299 29665300 Pippa decided that she also needed to explore this new space. The ladder is only occasionally set out to gain access to weed as necessary 29665301 29665302 29665298