Serendipity Garden Nursery

15620 SE 150th Ave. Weirsdale, FL 32195

Helping you create a wonderful backyard habitat, based on sustainable principles, is what Serendipity Garden Nursery is all about. To aid this objective, we have re-imagined our front yard as a sales space for native plants, as well as a garden demonstrating a variety of sustainable practices for the landscape. Come alone, or as part of a group, and learn more about the best plants for Florida yards, irrigating with harvested rainwater, and other gardening practices that will help keep Florida's environment healthier and sustainable.

The nursery sells only plants that are Florida natives. We keep a limited stock of a wide variety of wildflowers, including native milkweeds, shrubs, trees, and grasses.  You may want to call or email ahead of your visit if you are looking for a particular plant. Since the focus of our business is to help you create sustainable, backyard habitat, we also offer for sale solitary bee nest boxes, bird boxes, bird baths, bat boxes, and flying squirrel boxes. We also have rain barrels for rainwater harvesting. Finally, we are a showcase for some of the outdoor cedar and hardwood furniture, arbors, trellises, etc. handcrafted by Terry Evans, because your garden should not only be a comfortable habitat for wildlife. You will want the pleasure of relaxing and enjoying your backyard habitat, as well! To learn more about the outdoor furniture, click here.

For those interested particularly in exploring more about Florida's native plants... below is a link to a PDF list of all the natives currently growing in Serendipity Garden. The intent is for the garden to not only provide inspiration and ideas for your own use, but also answer practical considerations such as light requirements and soil needs for individual plants that you may be thinking about adding to your own landscape.



Group Tours and Programs

Would you like to visit the garden as part of a group? We would love to host your garden club, native plant chapter, civic or school/youth group. We offer a number of guided programs adaptable to varying ages and areas of interest. Programs include:

  • The Top 10 Florida Native Plants for Anyone's Landscape (Even Yours)
  • Creating HSS in Your Backyard
  • Bees in the Garden: Helping Mother Nature's Best Pollinators
  • Facing Our Fears: Welcoming Insects to Your Landscape
  • Taking Great Photos in Your Own Backyard
  • and more customized for your group's needs and interests.

So call Taryn to schedule a date and a program for your group.